1. I can’t load the filament into the extruder
    Re-trim the end of the filament. Discard the areas which are damaged or folded or severely bent.
  2. My LCD panel is displaying odd characters – what should I do?
    Remove the SD card and reinsert it into the printer. If the problem persists, switch the machine off and then switch it back on again.
  3. When the printing is finished, I can’t remove the pieces
    This is because the extruder is too close to the bed, causing the first layer of the parts to adhere strongly. To remove the part, use a spatula or similar object to carefully lift the edges. You will need to readjust the level of the bed so that it is further away from the extruder.
  4. The part does not adhere to the print bed
    This is because there is too great a distance between the extruder and the bed. Readjust the level of the bed to move it closer to the extruder. Remember to also use lacquer or tape to make the polymer adhere more easily. Otherwise the objects will not adhere properly to the print bed.
  5. The part was printing correctly at first, but the edges have started to come unstuck
    This is also due to incorrect levelling. If the distance between the top of the extruder and the bed is greater than necessary, the filament at the ends of the part will not adhere well and will come unstuck. Another way to increase the adherence is to spray a little lacquer on the bed before beginning to print.
  6. Can I pause a print job?
    You can pause a print job by pressing the control wheel and selecting the Pause Print option. When you want to resume printing, go back to the menu and press Resume Print.
  7. Can I stop a print job?
    You can stop a print job by pressing the control wheel and selecting the option STOP Print
  8. The extruder has jammed
    Heat the extruder to 220 °C and push a needle through the nozzleto clear it. Alternatively, you can push the 2 mm Allen key through the filament loading area.
  9. The motors are rotating in the wrong direction
    You might have connected the motors to the board the wrong way round, causing the polarity to be inverted. Before attempting to unplug the connectors and reconnect them correctly, make surethat the power supply to the board is switched off.
  10. The endstop is not working
    This is due to poor contact. Disconnect the endstop connector and then reconnect it