3Dtje in educational colors

DSC_1355A teacher from Eindhoven participated in our self-build workshop for its class and has made a 3Dtje with special color combination.

The base of the printer is black, but the X, Y and Z axes are using the same colors as in the SketchUp drawing program and in the 3D printing program Slic3r. The X-axis is red, the Y-axis green and the Z-axis blue. Yellow is selected for display with the control button. As in all RepRap printers the extruder follows the X-axis, the extruder is also made in red.

A 3Dtje is ideally suited to show how a 3D printer works. The open design provides a clear view on all parts. In addition, the printer is light and compact enough to hold with one hand, leaving the other hand free to designate parts. Another tip: a 3D printer doesn’t not necessarily have to be level . It is possible to tilt the printer while printing, without directly resulting in a failed print!

Btw. This specific printer uses blue painter’s tape on its  printbed without specific color meaning. The blue tape is slightly smoother, but this sometimes has a lesser bond than the common yellow masking tape.

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