(Nederlands) Beursbezoek overweldigend

More than hundreds of visitors were able to meet 3Dtje at the creabeurs. For many of them it was the first time that they actually saw a 3D printer at work. Fascinated by the working 3D printers and the explanation, the visitors gave us little to no rest.

The specially designed cristmas tree were already sold out quickly but we were able to print some more. the design is available on thingiverse as a Free download. So every one can print their own with a 3D printer.

Not only the ready printed cookie shapes and surpriseboxes were very popular, the miniature statue’s of cats and other examples could also get some special attention. People alse liked the mini workshop 3D printing

Thanks to Frank, Ronald, Marcella, Nel and Rachelle for their neverlasting support and assistance!

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