At the Microfabriek we always like an experiment, our goal is to use the “open source” ideology and find solution for a wide variety of challenges.  We are also able to build 3D printers in any shape or size for numerous purposes.

Training and lecturers

3D Print experts love to share knowledge, especially to improve prototyping en printable parts.
But even if you are an absolute novice, basic training how to use and program a 3D printer can be provided. For schools we have a special training program.
A lot of people and company’s are investing in 3D technology during this process they come to the understanding that there are in a uncharted area. A lot of things still has to be developed. Sharing knowledge due to the “open source”can be very helpfull.
Reverse Engineering / Modelling

The reverse enginering process can be very time consuming of you don’t have access to the proper tools or experience. Most of the parts, which shapes are square or round can easily be recreated . But if shapes are more organic or its not possible to make accurate measurements you need more designer skills.

“obsolete parts”, or when there are no longer available is not a problem any more. Specially with the new 3D scanner options it is much easier to upload them into CAM programs and reproduction becomes a new way to produce those wanted parts.

Have a look at our project’s page to see out big and small projects of parts no longer available.

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